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Worth to visit - recommended destinations

We extracted only some destinations within our region worth to visit and interesting for young and old.


Castle Rauischholzhausen

Only 15 min. drive from our hotel the caste in Rauischholzhausen will bring you into the world of fairy tales and legends. Constructed like an old english manor the castle fascinates by its buildings and the wonderful garden landscape.  Here you will find almost 300 different types of trees, you can walk beside streams and ponds which are sometimes linked  by artificial waterfalls. Between the trees, you might find some sculptures. If you are looking for some rest and escape from everyday life, Schloss Rauischolzhausen is it.


Untouched nature - experience the moor of Schweinsberg

The Schweinsberger Moor is one of the last unspoiled moor landscapes in Europe and the biggest contiguous area of reed in northern and central Hessen. It is the habitat of a lot of rare birds and other animals like foxes, wild pigs and deers. On yourself or a guides hike, you can experience a piece of unspoiled nature, if you like even at night. 


Marburg an der Lahn

The city has, aside from the middle ages castle called "Landgrafenschloss" on top of the historic town, the "Elisabethkirche" which is the first purely gothic church on German ground and the old university, even more worth to look at. Be inspired by the flair of the old town with hundreds of historical buildings and places and wander in the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm through romantic alleys. Visit the market and be welcomed by the call of the tower-watch. The carvings on the old timber-framed buildings offer a couple of surprises and the fairy tales of Grimm expect you almost everywhere!



The city was probably founded in the 8th / 9th  century as a residence for the Karolinger and served temporarily as a residence for the lords of Hessen which built here a castle around the year 1325.
As one of the few cities, Alsfeld started very early to conserve the old historic part of the city which gives you the opportunity to marvel at a lot of old houses like the city hall or the wedding- or wine house. The fairy tale house offers you an exhibition about the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and shows you dollhouses of 2 centuries.


Waldeck / Edersee

Amidst the nature- and national park Kellerwald / Edersee , you will find the lake Edersee. It's dam was built 100 years ago and created a 27km long lake. On the shore, one can find a lot of leisure activities.
The landmark of the region, Burg Waldeck is enthroned high above the lake and invites to a panorama over the lake an its forests. The castle and its museum are worth a visit! In the deer park, you can see wild animals of the region in their almost natural environment.



Since 1955 Kassel is home of the "documenta", Germany´s famous exhibition of modern arts. But you won´t find out in dusty museums, everywhere in the city, one can find works of art which make Kassel one big exhibition. Since 1717, Kassel´s landmark, the "Hercules" in the baroque park Wilhelmshöhe, the monument of "Hercules" looks over the city like Zeus over Mount Olympus. A modern city invites you to stroll and shop around in the pedestrian area.



Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt, the birthplace of probably the greatest German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, offers interesting contrasts between modernity and history. Besides the impressive skyscrapers of  “Mainhatten”, you´ll find the old town around the "Römerberg" with the city hall, "Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen " and "Paulskirche" which can be considered as the cradle of German democracy after 2nd world war.
Also visit the Zeil, Frankfurt´s most famous shopping street, make a stop in one of "Sachsenhausen"'s various bars offering local "Aeppelwoi" and try the traditional food "Frankfürter grüne Soße" or the "Handkäß mit Musik".  On a guided city tour, you can learn interesting things about Hessen´s metropolis.